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4 tips on how to choose the perfect lash this festive season

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The #festive is season is fast approaching and what does that mean?.......its #party time! There will be work nights out, family nights out, couples nights out, friends nights out, the list is endless. Deciding what to wear can be a minefield and deciding what #lashes to wear to finish off your perfectly applied #makeup is one thing you don’t need to worry about.

Here are my top 4 tips to ensure your lashes are the ultimate finishing touch to your look....

1. What eye shape do you have?

This will pretty much determine which #lash you can wear. Not every lash will suit you and the wrong lash can spoil a beautifully applied makeup. Knowing your eye shape will enable you to enhance your eyes with the use of false lashes instead of drowning them.

 2. What style makeup do you like?

Decide on what makeup you want. Is it a smokey eye,  neutral eye, a #winged liner, a cut crease, a halo effect, I could go on and on....The lash will need to be selected according to your eye shape and makeup style. If you are opting for a bold smokey eye a natural lash will be completely lost, you need a lash that can compete with the makeup and bring it to life. Equally, if you are opting for a very subtle natural look then a very thick lash will be far to heavy. There needs to be a balance with the makeup style and eye shape.

 3. Correct application

This is a must. Without correct application no matter how beautiful your lashes are they just won't look good. They can easily drag down a beautifully applied makeup. There is a whole blog dedicated to this on our website and we have also included information on application on each product page.

4. What do you want to achieve?

Do you want your eyes to appear bigger, more elongated, more defined more glamorous or do you just want something very subtle with natural definition. All lash styles will give different effects so you need to know what you are ultimately trying to achieve.

Lash Styles

Below I have listed how to achieve various looks using different style lashes...

Elongated eyes – Ideally you will need something that flares out at the ends. This lash style will lift your eyes at the outer corners and create that perfect cat eye effect. Tip....looks great with a wing.

Bigger Eyes  - the best lashes would be ones that lengthen in the middle and taper off at both ends. This will ensure the focus is on the middle of the eye, therefore giving the appearance of bigger eyes. well on bare lids and with a mild smokey eye.

Definition -  the best lashes to achieve this are ones which have gaps between the lash, almost like pre made fans. This lash will dramatically increase the amount of definition. Tip... perfect for those with hooded or smaller eyes as it allows for more lid space to show through.

Natural – there are so many styles you can buy which mimic natural lashes. You can buy ones that look like you’re wearing extensions, ones that look like your own but with added length, ones which are so wispy and light that you barely feel they’re their.  These lashes are perfect for those wanting an everyday look through to those who like a more subtle evening look. Tip.. less is more, you really don't need much eye makeup with this lash, also looks great with a very thin sharp wing.

Who’d have thought you can achieve so many different effects with lashes. If you ever get stuck finding the correct lash please feel free to contact us.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog Sufiah

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