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6 tips on what to do a month before your big day

As a #makeup artist I often have #brides ask me how they can prepare for their big day with regards to makeup and #skin care. The main thing I would say which is often the hardest at times, is to stay #calm. I know its easier said than done especially as the month before your wedding is when payments need to be made and final details confirmed etc but getting stressed will only cause a chaotic mind which will then filter through to the body. The last thing you want is a big angry pimple to show up uninvited on your wedding day.

I have compiled a list of six things which I think will be helpful in the lead up to your special day. Enjoy.....

1.Trial complete

By now you should have had your makeup trial so there is nothing to worry about on that front. During the trial we would have discussed skin care. Trying to incorporate that into your daily routine will be really beneficial and ensure your wedding makeup looks perfect. All you need to do on your #wedding morning is make sure you’re relaxed and just see your hair and makeup as a pamper session. You’ve chosen your #suppliers for a reason, because you trust them. Whether that’s hair, makeup, venue, photography, flowers etc. We have years of experience within the industry so rest assured, everything is under control.

2.Drink up!

You've probably heard it a million times before (yawn...) but water really is your best friend at flushing away any toxins. Its great for everything skin, hair, nails... the list goes on. I always have a bottle of water with me when I’m working or even at home. If you want an extra boost try putting a few slices of lemon and lime or cucumber in a jug of water and pop it in the fridge. Its so refreshing and good for the skin. (I’m no Nigella - that’s as far as my recipe skills go)

3.DON’T try anything new on your skin four weeks prior to your wedding

If you have never had a skin #treatment I wouldn't recommend treating yourself to one a month before your wedding. If you have a reaction the effects can last up to a month in some cases. By all means have skin treatments if you normally do or treat yourself eight weeks before your wedding and if there’s no reaction then continue to have the treatments.

4.I want long nails for my wedding day (the day before my wedding)

If you’re having #acrylics or #nail #extensions and you’re not used to them, have them done eight weeks before your wedding just to get used to the feel of them and then have them removed and a fresh set applied for your wedding day. They will feel foreign on your hands and if you’re adding length and don’t regularly wear them, anything from putting earrings in, doing up zips and straps is almost impossible. I know it might be a bit more costly but you can always have them applied for your hen night and then reapplied for your wedding day.

5.Delegate, Delegate, Delegate....

As much as you can to keep the stress off you. It is one of the most important days of your life and you want to be able to enjoy it without worrying about things that could be dealt with by friends or family. Again this is a big cause of stress, which will show through your skin in one way or another.


Ultimately this is what it comes down to. Do whatever it takes so that you’re #relaxed and able to enjoy the process. Whether that’s yoga, going to the gym, cooking, meditating, whatever helps you relax, do it. I try to meditate every morning, its not always successful (which is why I call it my practice!) but I can think so much clearer after it. Trying to incorporate something into your routine which allows you to step away from everything, including the added stress of work is never a bad thing.

My final words.... just see your wedding day as a big party with all your nearest and dearest who are there to celebrate you as a couple and have the most amazing time in doing so. You can't get better than that.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog


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