Can you wear false lashes in the day?....

Updated: Apr 18

Sure you can. It all depends on your #style. Some like to wear a heavy lash and some prefer a more #natural lash. Gone are the days when there was only the heavy plastic like lash available, which felt more like a Halloween costume lash than something you could venture out wearing all day.

Today's #lashes range from barely there types through to full glamorous lashes. The quality of lashes has changed dramatically which means you could easily wear a pair of lashes without anyone picking up on it. Most of the lashes at ZAISO are designed to mimic natural lashes and are therefore lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Are they damaging?

False #lashes are designed to sit just above your lash line so they should not be damaging at all to the natural lash. Its important during application that the glue does not touch your natural lashes as this could potentially cause damage. You can view more on application tips in my previous blog eyelash application tips to ensure a perfect fit and lasting hold.

After removing false lashes I recommend to condition your natural lashes. I use organic #coconut oil to condition my lashes and pretty much everything else! Anyone that knows me knows how much I love a good #organic coconut oil. It really does work...for everything. (I don’t have shares in it but I do have a separate blog on it here)

So what natural styles would I suggest?

Here are my top four....





So yes, lashes can be worn in the day, they're not just for Christmas. There really is a lash for everyone, it's just a case of identifying your eye shape and personal style.

Happy #Lashmas.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog



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