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Which concealer should I use and how?

Concealer is one of my most favourite products, along with the rest! They can be used to hide pretty much anything from angry spots or spots that have calmed down and left an attractive scab with dry skin (beautiful!) to #blemishes, dark circles redness and tattoos, the list is endless. As a #makeup artist I come across so many different skin types which is great as it allows me to perfect my craft even more so.

Colour correction also plays a huge part when concealing #pigmentation but this is a blog in itself so I will post this one next.

On a personal level, finding the perfect #concealer has been a battle for me.  My main struggle has been the dark circles under my eyes. Not many people know I have them as I am a master at correction. They have been kindly passed down by my parents so there really isn't much I can do about it apart from cover them up and thank them from the bottom of my heart every morning whilst doing so.

Everyone has a hang up about their skin and that is mine. If I’m having a no makeup day and I need to pop out the one thing I will put on is concealer or sunglasses (yes I am one of those weirdos who wears sunglasses on a cloudy day so I can have a makeup free skin day) So what type of concealers are out there?

There are mainly two types. #Cream and #liquid. Lets look at both...

Cream concealers

This is what I use to correct my dark circles on a daily basis. I also use colour correction if its for a special event to give me better coverage. Cream concealers normally come in a pot. They are a lot thicker than the liquid concealer and offer fuller #coverage. They can look cakey if not applied correctly so great care is needed when applying under the eye. The skin under the eye is extremely thin so its really important that the under eye is hydrated before applying products. It takes a lot of practice to perfect a cream concealer, less is more but you need more if the cover up requires it! Catch 22. On clients I always use less, then gradually layer it until we reach the desired look or I mix it with some foundation to water it down but still keep the coverage.

Liquid concealers I wish I was one of those people who could swash a couple of lines of liquid concealer under the eyes, blend and head out but alas. Its not meant to be. Anyway, liquid concealers are a lot lighter and don’t offer as much coverage compared to cream concealers. They are good for people who need light to medium coverage. Depending on the finished look required, liquid concealers can be buildable but remember less is more, the more you apply the more likely it is to sit in lines you didn’t even know you had. The same applies for cream concealers.

Tips on application

- Make sure skin is well prepped and hydrated before application by using moisturiser and primer if needed

- I personally apply concealer after foundation as I find it sits better

- For under eyes use less and gradually layer until desired coverage is achieved

- For blemishes and spots I literally play dot to dot all over the face with my concealer brush, leave to set a while, conceal everywhere else and then come back and blend. I find by doing this the concealer isn’t instantly removed when trying to blend

- Finally, set with powder, again less is more

- Remember our aim is to look flawless not five hundred. This should keep you on track.

So there you have it, I hope its been useful. I will discuss colour correction next and how I use it on myself and on my clients. If you have any questions in the meantime just get in touch.

Thank you for reading

Sufiah Image credit: Freepik

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