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Did you know long nails can harbour germs and bacteria beneath the nail plate?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As making up my beautiful clients has been put on hold for a while I asked what content you’d like to see instead. A lot of you wanted beauty and lifestyle tips so that’s exactly what you’ll be seeing . Over the coming weeks (whilst we’re waiting to be released) I will aim to share as many tips as I can. Feel free to chip in if you have any tips you want to share. So here we go.....

Tip one

Short nails are in. Not just for fashion but more importantly for health and hygiene purposes. Research suggests bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus) can harbour beneath the nail plate (especially under long nails) and then easily transfer onto anything touched.

To avoid this cut nails short. Doing this will ensure you’re covering every area whilst washing hands.

Yes long nails look beautiful but are they really worth it at the moment? Once this is over long nails can always be grown back or reapplied.

Nail biters this one is for you... Biting nails = transferring bacteria directly from your hands to your mouth. 🤮 This will be the best time to kick that habit.

Do you have any tips to share?

I hope you've enjoyed this blog


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