Hooded eyes and shimmer....Can they work well?

Let’s take it back to basics. Shimmer will attract light, therefore push forward and accentuate the area, matte colours will detract from the light therefore push back the area. Its the same concept when highlighting and contouring the face. You highlight the features you want to show off and you contour the areas you don’t want to show off. So going back to hooded eyes and shimmer. Can you wear a shimmer on a hooded lid? It all depends on the severity of the hood and whether you’re happy with it being highlighted. I have hooded eyes and how severe the hood is is pretty much dictated by how I wake up that morning. Some days I wake up and the hood is covering my entire lid, other days it’s a lot calmer. This particular day it was behaving so I got my shimmer fix by creating a smokey eye full of shimmer. Another important aspect is lash selection. You want to choose a lash which allows the makeup and lid space to show through. A lash too full will block the lid space and hide the make-up. I’m wearing my zaisocosmetics ZEL3 lash which gives the correct amount of volume for my eye shape and compliments the eyes by allowing the makeup to show through. For anyone undecided about whether a shimmer would look good. My advice would be to try it and take photos in daylight so you can see the shimmer particles reflecting the light, you need to wear the eye makeup all day, only then will you know how it will sit on your skin and whether it will accentuate the hood or complement the hood. So to conclude, can you wear a shimmer on a hooded eye? This does come down to personal preference and how much the hood bothers you. There really are no rules in makeup the most important thing is you feel comfortable. Lashes ZAISO ZEL3


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