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Want a quicker way to apply lashes? Here's a hack you don't want to miss...

- Want to look Zoom ready in minutes?

- Struggle to apply lashes?

- Never know how much to trim?

Here’s a hack which will transform the way you apply lashes. These techniques create a more subtle effect and the one you use will largely depend on the effect you want.

If you look carefully at the picture below, do you notice any difference with my eyes?

Ok. I have the same lash applied in two different ways.

On the left side I have cut my ZEL2 lash into a ¾ lash. I have marked on the eye image below where the lash starts and on the lash image I have drawn a line where you need to cut your lash.. This technique will offer a slightly fuller, lifted effect to the eye. Perfect for those who like a little more drama but still something wearable for the day.

On the right side I have cut my lash in 1/2 and applied from the centre of the eye going out. This technique will give a very subtle natural lift to the outer corner of the eye. Perfect for Zoom calls where you’re working from home so don’t really want to wear a full face of makeup but still want to look wide awake and effortlessly glamorous.

Another great thing about these techniques is its so much easier to apply and perfect lashes, especially if you have issues with getting the inner corner of your lash to stay put all day. Because you are applying the lash a quarter or half of the way out, you have more of a surface to push down on and adhere the lash to. When applying a full strip lash the regular way the weakest point is always the inner corner which tends to lift and can cause irritation if it does. One of the main reasons for this is due to the fact that you’re pushing down at an angle and rounding the lash to stick so there isn’t as much grip.

In my experience for this technique to work and look seamless its important the false lash is not too full. If its too full it wont blend with the natural lash and you will see a step where your natural lash stops and the false lash starts. I would recommend a natural to medium thickness lash depending on the thickness and length of your natural lashes.

This method has completely changed the way I apply my daily lashes. I apply mascara on the first half of my lashes as I normally would and lightly coat the outer corner. Then I apply my ¾ or ½ lash and I’m good to go.

It really is the ultimate effortless glam.

Try this and see how it transform your lash life.

I would love to know how you get on.



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