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Eyelash application tips to ensure a perfect fit and lasting hold

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Application Tips

Measuring of lash

- Always remove #eyelash from tray using tweezers. Never tug or pull.

- Using tweezers, lift lash from band and GENTLY pull from outer to inner corner

- The shorter end of the lash always goes on the inner corner and the longer end of the lash goes along the outer corner.

- Hold eyelash against your #natural lash line and see how much excess #lash you have at the end of the outer corner. This is where you need to trim. Make sure to measure a couple of times before trimming. Its best to trim less first, fit again and then trim more.

Once eyelashes are trimmed correctly they’re ready to apply

Application of lash

- Make sure to coat natural lashes with #mascara. Please do not apply mascara to false eyelashes as it can be incredibly difficult to remove and can result in the false eyelashes becoming damaged. 

- Apply a thin layer of (good quality) eyelash adhesive along lash band and directly after apply three dots of extra adhesive. One on inner corner of lash band, second on centre of lash band and third on outer corner of lash band.

- Wait 30 seconds until tacky, looking down into a mirror, head slightly tilted back, place eyelash just above lash line and gently press. Apply a little pressure on the inner, middle and outer corners. These are usually the trouble spots and tend to loosen easily.

By using this method you’re ensuring extra strength on the weakest points which will almost certainly guarantee an all night bond. 

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