How do I know what eye make-up to wear with my false lashes?

This is a very common question. Below are some loose guidelines that I personally follow and advise my clients to...remember it also comes down to personal preference.

So what make-up should I wear with a #natural lash?

Natural looking lashes are better worn with minimal make-up. If natural #lashes are worn with a dramatic heavy eye makeup they can easily get lost amongst all the makeup. The purpose of a natural everyday lash is to enhance your eyes and give you the length and volume you require. A dramatic lash can also be worn with minimal eye make-up but it should be carefully selected as it can easily weigh the eye down if too heavy.

So what lashes can I wear with a dramatic eye?

It depends what effect you are trying to create and what your eye shape is. A false #lash too full can easily cover up all the eye #makeup you have spent so long applying so make sure you select the lash depending not only on your eye shape but also the #eye makeup. If you are creating a heavy smoky eye a fuller lash can be applied as it will enhance the look. If however, you are creating a sharp #wing and cut crease look for example I would suggest selecting a lash which is full yet allows the eye makeup to show through.

As mentioned above it also comes down to personal choice, if you like wearing a heavy lash in the day then continue to do so, equally if you like wearing a natural lash with a heavy eye makeup then that’s also fine. Find what works for you. The lash world is vast with so many choices of styles, shapes, textures and lengths so there really is something for everyone.

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