If I use foot cream on my face will I turn into a foot?

Updated: Apr 18

The answer is...unless you already look like a foot then No.

There has been many a time I have either forgotten my face cream or ran out of it and had nothing to use so I've used my #foot #cream instead (I like to live life on the edge) and its worked perfectly fine. It can be a bit thick so just use a bit less than normal. You also need to ensure it does not contain any harsh ingredients that might irritate your skin. Quite often foot creams have a high concentration of tea tree amongst other ingredients which may cause irritation if used close to the eyes so I would suggest fragrance free only.

Lately, I have been using fragrance free #Coco #butter hand cream for extra dry hands on my face along with a couple of drops of jojoba oil and its soothed my skin so much.

There's no reason why you can't use a hand cream on your face, face cream on your hands, a foot cream on your face etc. Just make sure you're not sensitive to any ingredients.

This is not a permanent fix but a quick fix. I have used any cream designed for the body on my face whether that a foot or a #hand #cream and so far I don't look like a foot, at least I don't think I do.

So don't stick to the rules, rules are to be broken.

But don't sue me if you turn into a foot...or a hand!

Thank you for reading  



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